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    Download the e-book version of Advanced Concepts of Strength & Conditioning and optimize transfer of energy, prevent injuries, learn how to eat right, and enhance flexibility, strength, power, endurance, speed, agility, and quickness to become the best athlete you can be.

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  • This printed hardcover textbook contains 710 full color pages, including over 900 color images, and delivers a powerful and cohesive manual to develop all aspects of strength & conditioning training. Along with fitness assessment, stretching and resistance training exercises, various speed, agility and quickness drills keep you injury-free for the...

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    Download chapter 1 and learn about the fundamentals of a successful career as a professional athlete, including the roles of parents, coaches, physical conditioning and mental toughness. Find out how to select the best coaches for you and why physical conditioning and developing mental toughness are major components for a successful career as a...

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    Get chapter 7 and start developing all aspects of speed, agility and quickness for athletes and understand the components of speed training, how to improve agility and how strengths training benefits power. Use balance and stability exercises, speed ladder drills, ballistics, plyometrics, box jumps, rebounds, medicine ball throws and agility drills.

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    Chapter 2 provides you with information about the interaction of muscles and bones as they relate to movement. You will learn about anatomical directional terms, planes of motion, joint classifications and movements, kinetic chain efficiency and types of muscles activation.

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